Marketing and public relations has never had so much competition. Methods are changing ever so quickly as new technologies bring new strategies. So how do we compete and keep up with this new world?

Well that’s simple, no matter how technology changes people don’t. Our audience are still the same audience, all that changes are our methods of delivery, our speed, our way of keeping one step ahead of our consumers. But the basic principals of marketing stay the same. Storytelling, gaining trust, delivering the right message to the right people and building a brand the right way. So how does it work. Internet marketing is broken up into many important categories.:

Social Media

So you’ve already got a facebook page. Great. And? At Yellow Holding Ltd. we can help you to gain more followers, more likes, more clients. We interact with your clients, help set up competitions and create great content that can be easily shared.

Email Marketing

Creating the right message to be sent to the right people is the key to success here. Email marketing is the fastest and most successful method of marketing, reaching a vast number of clients in a short space of time.

Analytics / Reports

We can track the success and failures of every campaign showing you where your traffic is coming from, what your visitors are dong on your site, how long they spend there and if a purchase has been made.


We create adverts for your website or Facebook page or for your affiliate partners. We can help you gain a higher click rate and a higher return on investment.


The content of your website is very important. Every word on your site should help to sell your product, build your brand and and answer your customer’s questions.